The Rise of Video Marketing in 2019

Coming to the close of the year, it’s easy to put your plans to the backburner to gear up in the New Year. It’s important to think ahead at how other competitors will be using video marketing over this time to continue pushing forward in the New Year. Video marketing has been a huge part of many successful marketing campaigns this year and that trend isn’t set to change. As it stands, statistics show that the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased 63% from 2017 and it is understood that 81% of businesses are now taking full advantage of this. Those businesses that are slower in embracing this trend will follow, realizing that video gives the personal touch that is sometimes lacking in websites and photography.

The increase in video marketing can be attributed to many reasons. Firstly, people react positively to video content, it’s personal, emotive and at times entertaining. it is clear from the ever-increasing popularity of online streaming services that we watch numerous hours of video a day. This usage is not just for recreation, video also adds tremendous value to customer experience, with 72% of people preferring to watch a video to learn about a product rather than read a ‘How-to’ guide or review. Secondly, people love to share. This was initially something that was mimicked with jokes around the sharing of the infamous ‘cat videos’ but this trend shouldn’t be scoffed at. Statistics suggest, providing you create enjoyable content for your target audience, up to 83% of people will consider sharing the content with others.

Regardless of your industry, have a think about how video could potentially help your brand and services relate to your customers.