Video Marketing: Pitfalls to Avoid

In our previous blogs we have covered numerous benefits of video marketing, we are not ashamed to say that video marketing is the future. However, as with all marketing methods there are potential pitfalls that can undermine all of your hard work. Below we outline a few of the common pitfalls to help you side-step potential disaster.

1. Missing your target audience

It’s easy to think you are targeting a specific audience but you’re actually aiming the video at what you like. If you are part of your target demographic, then this shouldn’t prove too much of an issue. However, if you’re in your mid 40s and you are marketing to 65 years old and up it can be easy to miss the mark. This is where you need professional assistance from idea to production, a bit of investment early on can make all the difference.

2. Bypassing the pre-production process

In a modern world where smartphones are on hand to make relatively decent videos without planning, we have become accustomed to believing there is little preparation involved with making a video. Smartphones absolutely have their place when it comes to marketing and are great for social media marketing. However, if your video is portraying a business objective, bypassing the pre-production process is a huge pitfall.

3. Assuming you need to do everything yourself

It is natural to want to produce a video you are proud of, to be able to stand up and take credit for a great video. However, taking a DIY approach does not always pay off. If you’re not a professional in the film production arena, you’re not giving up by getting help. Having a professional on board is only likely to add to the overall result.

Involving a video production company can not only save you time but money, helping you avoid common pitfalls and leading to marketing success.