Video: The Focal Point of Modern Marketing Strategy

Whether operating in a thriving or turbulent market, all companies are aware of the need for marketing to grow a business. However, not all businesses have the knowledge and experience in marketing to formulate an effective marketing strategy, it can be particularly difficult knowing the most important aspects that require a larger proportion of your marketing budget.

When researching marketing strategy, only a brief look online clearly demonstrates more and more that online video marketing is an integral part of a fully formed marketing strategy. Just from the point of statistics, video is dominating web traffic and capturing engagement.

1.    It is predicted that by 2019, video will claim over 80% of web traffic.

2.    Mobile video consumption increases by 100% each year according to YouTube.

3.    One-third of the time web-users spend on the internet is dedicated to watching videos.

4.    Statistics indicate that 90% of customers advise that they make purchasing decisions with the help of product videos.

5.    64% of customers are more inclined to purchase a product online once they have watched a video about it.

6.    Landing pages of websites containing embedded video can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

7.    A high proportion (87%) of online marketers currently use video content as part of their marketing strategy.

8.    Click-through rates on marketing emails can increase by 200-300% when adding video.

While these statistics are high, it’s important to have a clear focus on making quality and engaging films the focal point of your marketing strategy. While the return on investment is high you will also have the opportunity to monitor the results in real-time. To implement your strategy, you need to decide the route you wish to take. You need to consider whether to produce the videos yourself or to use a professional video production company. Modern technology has made it easy to make videos yourself on your phone or tablet, but you need to decide if this is really the right step for your business. DIY video production is certainly cost-effective but producing high-quality promotional material or adverts is extremely difficult without the requisite knowledge and experience.