Creating Video Content to Capture the Imagination

Our last article covered the importance of incorporating video content into your overall marketing plan. If your plan doesn’t include a video strategy, it may be time to revisit and revise to ensure you see a healthy return on the time and effort you are investing in driving your business forward.

Once you have decided which route to take, whether you use a professional video production company, opt to produce the video content yourself or use a combination of both, you need to consider more specific details. This article will focus on the finer details to ensure you are able to create impressive video content to capture the imagination. Remember, even if you only want to produce ‘how to…’ tutorials, it will be worth getting at least some consultancy to support you in the beginning.

What is your purpose?

That’s easy, right? But when you sit and think about it, it’s harder to pinpoint your main purpose than initially thought. Write a list of what you want to achieve, be it promoting your brand, better communication with your client base, increase sales and revenue or simply an effective method of training new staff members. The great thing about using a professional video production company is that you don’t need to have all the answers, even if you only have a vague idea they will be able to guide you through the rest to bring your ideas to fruition.

Who is your audience?

In essence, who do you want to see your video? By pinpointing your desired demographic, you will be able to make more in-depth decisions such as the style this group will respond to most as well as the type of content you want. Having a clear vision of your audience will help you to be more objective about the subject matter of your video.

What is your style?

By this point you have already decided on the purpose of your video and who your target audience is, pinpointing your style is much more fun. This is the stage where you get to be creative, but don’t always forget to keep your target audience in mind. You may want a traditional corporate video, something full of characters or sketches and that’s all before you even begin to think about sound effects, narration and shooting style. Consider the methods that will portray your business in the best light.

 Most Importantly

 Be realistic about what you will expect your video to achieve. It may bring lots of potential new customers your way but it will then be for you to convert that into new business. As well as focusing on the video itself, you need to ensure you have the strategy in place to deal with an influx of new business enquiries.