Essential Videos for Business Branding

Content marketing continues to increase in popularity as businesses recognize the positive impact it can have; a worthwhile investment for even the smallest of budgets. Whether you want to increase brand recognition or share information to the masses, video is a powerful tool and researching the best type of video for your needs can make a huge difference.

Creating a new video concept for your business may seem like a daunting process as different types of video can help you achieve your business goals in different ways. If you are a novice to content marketing, here are 4 types of videos you should focus on to give your marketing strategy a well-needed boost: -

1. The Teacher

Surely, one of the simplest ways to convey a message to your audience is to explain it to them? The ‘Teacher’ video should be short (a few minutes a most) but contain all the vital information your audience needs to know. For example, if you’re promoting a product or service, the video needs to cover how that product or service delivers value and its primary function. Teaching videos are vital for brand recognition as they work towards establishing your business as an industry authority in that specific product or service. This authoritative recognition will continue to grow if you continue to focus on this type of video content.

2. The Interviewer

When thinking about interviews, most people think of rigid and stuffy video content usually produced by news channels but the ‘Interviewer’ video is a great way to get information across and can be as rigid or relaxed as you like (depending on your business needs). These videos are your opportunity to speak with various individuals who are respected in their field; this type of video can even be used to gather client testimonials.

3. The Ethos

Every major business you can think of will have at least one video focusing on the ethos and culture of the business. This type of video allows you to speak to your target audience in a casual and often personal way, a perfect method for humanizing your brand. This video technique can also be used to recruit employees by giving them an insight into what it’s like working your business.

Remember, the purpose of the ‘Ethos’ video is to show off your passion and help others gain a deeper appreciation of what you do.

4. The Animator

This is a favorite in the marketing industry as the possibilities are endless. Steer away from childish cartoons and keep focused on informing and engaging content. The ‘Animator’ is perfect to deal with complex issues that the audience would otherwise have difficulty grasping. A short and fun animated video done in the right way will be memorable and often result in the audience sharing with others.

The key thing to remember, whether you decide to move forward on all 4 videos detailed above or focus on just one for now, your videos need to be interesting. You won’t capture the interest of your audience if the content itself is boring, they won’t watch it! Look for that interesting twist on each video you produce to capture the attention and imagination of your audience.