Top Tips for Promoting Online Video Content

You have gone to all the effort of creating a quality video that captures a message you wish to share with the world, what now? It’s easy to sit back in the belief you’ve done all the hard work, unfortunately, you’re not finished yet. It is crazy to think that a mere 20 years ago we didn’t have hand-held devices to stream content on a mass scale, yet today we live our lives around technology. Whether listening to music, taking pictures or sharing content on social media, we do all sorts of things on our mobile phones and tablets without a second thought.

With advancements in technology, creating video content is quicker and easier than it’s ever been but this has had both positive and negative effects on the digital world. As with all forms of technology, when placed in the wrong hands it can have a disastrous result. With vast amounts of video content online and a large proportion of this being poor quality, people are growing pickier about what they watch. After all, there is only so much time in the day and vast amounts of video content to choose from.

Video marketing has vastly increased in popularity as an effective way to reach potential customers, but you must ensure your content doesn’t get lost in the volume that’s available. This week we have pulled together our top tips to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste and your videos get seen by your desired audience:

1.  Optimise

Think about how your content is most likely to be viewed. When appealing to a younger target audience, they are more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones or tablets which is a hugely different experience to watching on a full-sized computer monitor. Intricacies in your videos may be lost to smaller screens, you also need to take into account the difference in speaker quality on the average mobile phone and the lighting of the screens.

2. Thumbnails

Whilst you may hope people don’t judge your video by its thumbnail, chances are they will. The thumbnail is the first thing prospective watchers will see and it needs to catch their attention. A good thumbnail should have the power to stop someone scrolling past specifically to watch your video. The job of the thumbnail is to entice viewers, don’t dismiss this important step.

3. SEO

Search engine Optimisation is constantly talked about in the digital world, it can be a tedious task but it is often in the limelight because it works! Take the time to ensure your video is given an SEO-friendly title, make use of appropriate tags and meta-descriptions. Taking the correct SEO approach will mean people will be able to find your video when searching topics on the internet that relate to the content you have produced.

4. Share

Be proud of what you have made and make it easy for others to share with the world. When posting on social media, ensure the option is available for others to share on their pages and walls. When a video is shared enough times it really starts to promote itself as people tag friends and family and share again.

Correct promotion of video content directly impacts its success. However, you can’t ignore the fundamentals, the video content itself sets the foundation and needs to be of a high quality and interesting.