Create Memorable Music Videos

Music videos are necessary for all musicians, whether your band are signed to well-known record label or trying to make a name for yourself on popular video sites like Facebook or YouTube. Making a video helps promote your band, it gives you an opportunity to let your creativity soar and gives you great exposure.

Here are the key steps to creating memorable music videos your fans will love: -

1. Pick your song

At this stage you will most likely have a large repertoire of songs, but it makes sense to make a video for your upcoming single or most recent song. It can take some time to make a music video and edit it to a satisfactory quality, so you need to get the ball rolling in advance.

2. Gather the right team and equipment

If you decide to hire a production company, they will be able to assist you with ensuring the correct equipment is on hand ready to begin shooting. They may even have contacts of any extras you would like to appear in the video, all the details can be ironed out at the start.

If you decide to go it alone, you need to sit down and work out exactly what is needed and how much it will cost you. You must take into account not just cost of equipment hire but camera people, lighting people, director, actors and actresses. Don’t forget refreshments, music videos are hard work and the staff on hand will need replenishments.

3. Create a plan for the shoot

Extensively planning the shoot in advance is likely to reduce the time needed to shoot the video. You should draw storyboards showing individual scenes and outline the equipment, props and people needed for each scene.

4. Make the most of live footage

It is likely you will already have lots of footage of your band playing live, this can come in handy during the editing process. Live footage integrated into the video can add energy and authenticity to a music video that fans love.

5. Editing

It is imperative to enlist a professional at this stage if you haven’t already. Perfectly filmed footage can be destroyed by poorly edited videos. The video should be smooth and seamless rather than making you feel sea-sick when watching.  

Producing a music video doesn’t have to cost the earth, a professional production company will work with you to bring your ideas to life and outline ways this can be done within a realistic budget.