Revise your Marketing Strategy for 2019

Every new year brings new challenges for all businesses, now is the time to revise your marketing strategy ready to take 2019 by storm. Setting time aside to review what worked well last year and what needs improvement is essential. Even the best marketing strategy can be improved and needs to be flexible with changes in the market.

2018 saw huge growth in the use of video marketing, with even smaller businesses beginning to recognise the power of putting themselves in front of the camera. One of the major benefits of video marketing is that is can be used in so many ways depending on what ‘message’ your business wants to put out there. Types of video marketing include: -

·     Tutorials

·     Interviews

·     Vlogs (video blogs)

·     Presentations

·     Product demos

·     Product reviews

·     Testimonials

·     Live streaming of events

·     Advertisements 

It’s widely believed that the three most effective methods of video marketing are customer testimonials, tutorial videos and demonstration videos. The possibilities are endless, your imagination is the limit.

The right use of video marketing can take business branding to a whole new level, video is known for engagement and for reaching further than many other marketing techniques. Cisco has predicted that by 2020, over 80% of all internet traffic will be video. This is a positive indication of the ever-increasing popularity and something that should not be considered lightly. If you are not already focusing a large amount of your marketing budget on video, why not?