Make the most of the social media phenomenon

Love it or hate it, social media is ever increasing in popularity and it’s certainly here to stay. It may be easy to dismiss social media as a place for the average Joe to vent their negativity or post funny cat pictures, but dismissing outright could cost you as a business owner.

Playing the social media game can give your business the opportunity to create a viral campaign. As you will see from our previous blogs, there are many different marketing campaigns businesses can adopt, each with their own merits and prospective benefits. Viral marking is a technique that is implemented over social medial, an exciting way to promote video content organically.

Going viral sounds great right, so what’s the catch? It’s not as simple as having an interesting idea and capturing it on video. Unlike a lot of marketing techniques, this one doesn’t have guide formula to effectively guarantee success. One of the great things about the internet is its flexibility, internet users do what they want. However, this level of unpredictability makes it extremely difficult to get on the ‘viral trend’ train.

There may not be a guarantee, but we believe you will have the strongest chance of producing a viral quality video if you ensure your video content contains the following: -

1.      An interesting story to tell.

2.      The entertainment factor that catches the viewers interest.

3.      Sparks emotion in a way that your viewers can relate to.

4.      Clear as to who the target demographic is and doesn’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Even though it is a high-risk strategy, with high-risk may come high rewards. You won’t know until you try, if you follow the above and it doesn’t go viral it should still perform well which is great for business branding purposes.