Creative Video Concepts

A few of our previous articles have highlighted how important it is to incorporate video content into any marketing plan to ensure optimum success. Video content is now widely known to help gain a healthy return on investment, if you are yet to include video in your marketing plan now is the time to revise and without delay.

For those who aren’t familiar with the world of video marketing, we always recommend using a reputable and professional video production company, having seen the detriment that can be caused to a business’ brand by inexperienced marketing. However, if you don’t wish to go down this route, there is the option to produce the video wholly yourself or to combine both DIY video with the assistance of the professionals.

However you decide to proceed, you should plan the production start to finish before filming begins, this will ensure a smoother production process and will help to keep costs down. So where do you start? See our tips below to help you pin point the finer details to create videos that really capture the imagination.

1.     Be clear with your purpose – You may know what you want to do in your mind but getting this across to your audience can be particularly difficult and needs to be planned in advance to ensure your message is clear. If you do opt to use a professional video production company, they can assist turning a mere idea into a masterpiece with minimal stress.

2.    Who do you want to target – No successful video can appeal to everyone. Knowing your demographic will help with most of the decisions you need to make throughout the production process. Different demographics respond to different styles and techniques and knowing your audience will help with the success of the video campaign.

3.    Decide on a style – This is the fun part! You get to let your creative juices flow. Remember you will need to take into consideration extras required such as location, lighting, sound effects, narration etc. Your aim is to show your business in the best way.

Even if you are only looking to produce a ‘how to…’ tutorial, it’s worth getting some professional consultancy to assist you at the start. Be creative but also realistic about what want your video to achieve and ensure you have the capacity to cope with any influx of work that may follow.