Embracing Social Media Advertising

As your business makes the move towards social media marketing, your marketing strategy will need to grow and embrace social media advertising. Social media ads, when used correctly, are a great way to maximise your budget whilst achieving your business objectives.

Most of the well-known social media platforms have advertising options for businesses to take advantage of but not all platforms will be right for your business and the message you are trying to put out there. First and foremost, you need to pick the right platform, not all will benefit you. When deciding on a platform to choose, you should consider your desired audience and look at demographic data to assess which platform is most compatible with your goals. For example, demographic data shows that Snapchat appeals to a younger audience, whereas Pinterest has significantly more female than male users.

Once you have settled on the right social media platform for you, it’s time to visualise your advert. Do you see this as a picture with a short tag line or a short video to capture the attention of scrolling thumbs? If you haven’t looked into the benefits of video advertising on social media then now is the time, the statistics are extremely powerful. There is no doubt you will be ready to embrace video and enjoy the benefits that come with this method of advertising.

If we take Facebook as an example, it has a video option for advertising whereby short video ads can be uploaded but also adverts up to an astounding 240 mins. Compelling visuals will organically draw your audience in but bear in mind, shorter video adverts are known to have higher conversion rates. Social media users are known to get bored quickly, they want information now and are highly unlikely to sit through 240 minutes of advertising content regardless of how inventive you are.