Utilizing Film in a Commercial Setting

In a buoyant market it is becoming extremely difficult for businesses to source the right employees for their needs and retain them. To remain competitive and grow, businesses need the best talent in the market and as such they are having to find new and exciting ways to attract talent. Interestingly, recruitment techniques have been filtering through to the film industry.

Rather than posting on stuffy old job sites, a number of businesses are now choosing to produce short films detailing “a day in the life” of the roles they are recruiting for. Video is an extremely powerful method of portraying a message so what better way to show potential candidates that you are an up-and-coming business than show them. Some businesses are even taking it a step further and asking those interested in applying to send in a short film outlining their experience and why they feel they are best suited to the role. It is clear that 21st Century recruitment practices are changing in an exciting and innovative way.

For some time now businesses have been using films and video as a tool for continual professional development purposes and it appears this trend is also on the increase. Many professions require a set amount of continual professional development each year to allow them to carry on in their role and video is creating an easier way to learn on the job. People won’t go through the expense and effort of travelling the country for courses when the same learning outcomes can be achieved through a pre-recorded training webinar.

It is clear that the commercial world are only currently using film to a tiny amount of its potential but we are positive we will see this increase substantially over the next few years, watch this space!