Video Content with Purpose

A number of our articles have delved into the importance of video content and how it is a fundamental ‘cog’ in any well-rounded marketing ‘machine’. If video isn’t incorporated into your current marketing strategy, you are missing a huge potential market out there.

Whilst a great investment, video production isn’t for the faint-hearted. For most businesses it is best to use a video production company who are experienced and professional enough to create the finished piece your business can be proud of.

If you are up for the challenge of driving your business forward with video content, here are the initial steps to get the ball rolling:-

1.    Intention – Take some time to decide what you want to get out of the video. Do you want to teach your audience how to use a product? Advertise your latest service? Deciding what you want is the first step and will determine a lot of the steps you take moving forward.

2.    Audience – If you could choose who watches your video, who would it be? Making a video to target everyone is a common mistake, not everyone responds well to the same thing. Your target audience will determine the way in which the video is presented and the style you adopt to keep the viewer’s interest.

3.    Style – This is very closely linked with audience, pinpointing different demographics will determine whether your videos adopt a corporate, relaxed, fun or even childish style. This is where a lot of armatures can come unstuck, knowing what they want but not knowing how to deliver it in the right way.

4.    USP – Also known as your ‘Unique Selling Point’. Every business should have a USP, it is what sets you apart from competitors and keeps your business profitable. When creating video content, your USP should be incorporated. You should be telling the world you are the best and why you are.

There is a lot to think about, the above is just the start. If you decide to produce your own videos, it may be worth some initial consultancy from a professional to set you on the right path and set realistic expectations. Whether you decide to hire a professional or go it alone, video content is taking over the marketing industry with resounding success.