The Return of Silent Movies

Over the decades, most things in this world have come full circle. Vintage clothes hang with hefty price tags in upmarket stores, vintage cars increase in value year on year whilst the demand to own them only increases. Then we come to vintage films, whether you are an avid fan of the black and white film or prefer a thrilling silent movie, they have their own unique way of capturing the audience like no modern motion picture knows how.

It seems along with the love of all things vintage, the demand for vintage movies is increasing and we anticipate it won't be long before this demand is being met in a big way. Silent movies are sure to make a comeback, along with the drive-through movie theatres. Younger generations want to experience past times in an authentic way and have the disposal income to do it.

If you are looking to produce a movie or short film with a vintage edge, it can be a difficult task. You have all the standard production issues to consider but have the added step of consistently reviewing whether your work is creating the right image and representing the genre appropriately.  The advancement of production equipment has made making films easier and quicker, but modern equipment can prove an added challenge when producing a vintage film. You want to create the edgy old-aged feel making a piece of art worthy of film festivals around the world.

The only way to really do ‘vintage’ justice is to hire a professional film production company with the skill and experience to take on the job with gousto.