Laying the foundations of video marketing

Video marketing comes in many forms and can be extremely effective; if planned with care and actioned professionally. Many businesses now allocate a large proportion of their marketing budget to video advertising as it is known for high levels of return on investment when compared to other marketing methods. However, when you are new to the video market place, where do you start?

A basic Google search will often lead all-too enthusiastic entrepreneurs into thinking they can do everything themselves in a split second. It is imperative to note, video production is a lot more than hiring a camera and hoping for the best. There are no-doubt videos out there that are rushed and poorly planned but we are sure this is not a trend you wish to follow. There is no point wasting good investment money on a poor outcome.

Take a moment to think about the outcome you want, the story you wish to portray, how you want your brand to be perceived and who is your target audience.  Each of these points will guide you down a different path whilst you create the concept you are looking for.

When embarking on a new video marketing campaign, our initial recommendation would always be to speak to a professional in the video production industry. There is no obligation to hire the professional to deal with the whole production should you decide against it; however their experience in the area is likely to be insightful.  Any assistance available to help you lay the ground-work will make the process much easier.

Having the right team to hand from the beginning is imperative, it reduces the time required to make an advert from mere concept to air-worthy masterpiece.